Insurance Musts For Your Recycling Business

One of the things we have learned in our many years of being in business is that every industry has its own challenges that present a variety of risks. Many business owners that we work with are shocked when we present our initial risk analysis reports, because they never considered just how open they were to possible financial disaster.

In the recycling business, there are unique risks that have to be addressed if you want to be able to operate your business with peace of mind. Whether you run a scrap yard or a full recycling center, you will find that assessing and handling risk is something that is best left to the professionals.

Covering Your Equipment

If your recycling equipment breaks down, then your business has to stop and that costs you money. You will lose money in your regular daily production, and then you will lose money in having to have your machinery repaired or replaced.

Our experts will look over your operation and recommend the proper kind of equipment breakdown insurance that will compensate you for lost revenue, and help you to get your machinery fixed in a timely manner. We will put plans in place that will automatically kick in to help you reduce your downtime as much as possible, and get back to making money.

Regular Business Audits

The volume of material you handle and the way you conduct your busines changes on a regular basis. That is why we do audits of your operations and then recommend changes that will accommodate the increase or decrease in your business volume. If you do not have to pay for additional insurance, then we will make sure that you save money on your coverage, while keeping your business protected at the same time.

Basic Business Insurance

With a recycling business, liability and worker’s compensation insurance are two types of coverage that are critical to your company’s success. Your company deals with a variety of materials that arrive to your facility in various conditions. Your workers deal with sharp edges, heavy materials, and other types of work hazards that require you to pay close attention to the coverage you have in place. We make sure that your basic business insurance is at the levels it needs to be, and we also make sure that you have all of the proper plans in place to keep your business protected.

Pollution And Environmental Coverage

We have learned that recycling businesses are very sensitive to pollution and environmental concerns on a daily basis. You never know what types of materials you will receive, and you need to be prepared if those materials present a hazard to your company and your employees. You also need to be prepared if you find out that you are not disposing of hazardous materials property and face fines. We will put the programs in place that will protect your business, and we will also give you the advice you need to make sure that you are always following the rules.

Running a recycling business is difficult work, but you can make your life easier by allowing our risk assessment professionals to make sure that you have the coverage you need to protect your interests. We will analyze your business and make the kinds of suggestions necessary to mitigate your risk and protect your company’s finances.