How to Respond to A Data Breach

A data breach is the release of confidential or proprietary information without authorized consent. These incidents could jeopardize the security of data belonging to you, your business and your customers. 

Data Breach Response Plan

  1. Assemble Response Team

A data breach of any severity should not be taken lightly. Proactively address the issue by assembling or enlisting the help of IT professionals, as well as legal and information security experts. 

  1. Go Offline 

To prevent further data loss, shut down any unaffected devices. Before attempting to fix affected devices, wait for instructions by IT professionals. These team members will identify the scope of the breach and advise on next steps. 

  1. Notify Stakeholders and Report Breach to Law Enforcement 

Immediately alert customers and affiliated businesses of the data breach. Define the incident and explain how this invasion applies to them and their information. Identify the steps being taken to secure compromised information. After consulting with legal professionals, check your state’s data security protocols and report the incident for further investigation. 

  1. Actively Respond to Stakeholders

Impacted customers and businesses will likely have many questions regarding their information’s safety with your organization. Explain how your company has taken action to heighten data security to ensure the prevention of a future breach.


  • Educate your employees on the importance of developing secure passwords, downloading antivirus software and updating their devices. 
  • Invest in cybersecurity insurance coverage. Insured protection will secure your business’s digital assets, such as social media accounts, private client information and HTML documents.
  • Limit access to confidential information to a small number of trusted employees.

At TCE Insurance, we understand how uncertain and overwhelming data breaches can be — especially for small businesses. Our professionals will guide your organization toward the best coverage plan to guarantee data protection and make breaches the least of your concerns. For more information on cybersecurity best practices, contact TCE Insurance.