How to Protect Your Business from Property Damage

Property damage can result from a number of events, including weather, negligence, or theft. This can leave businesses vulnerable to devastating losses and unexpected setbacks, that for the most part, were preventable. Follow the tips below to help protect your businesses from a variety of unwanted damages.

Prevent Damage to Valuables
Valuable business items, such as essential records, lockboxes, and certain inventory, should be carefully protected at all times. Businesses can achieve this by vigilantly securing these items on-site, however, it may be safer to remove them from the site altogether. Consider moving your valuables to a secondary location that is equivalently secure and not affiliated with your business.

Prevent Water Damage
Wet conditions during the winter can increase the likelihood of potential water damage in the workplace. This can not only cost your company a large sum of money in repairs, but also impact business operations even leading to business interruption. The best way to protect your property against water damage is to be proactive by planning and acting ahead. Make sure you are aware of the age and condition of your appliances, maintaining repairs and replacements as needed. You can also install a water leak detection system that will monitor and alert you if a leak is detected. Water damage can lead to structural damage and toxic mold, which are hazards your business does not want to be faced with.

Prevent Damage From Thieves
The best thing you can do to protect your property from damage is installing security cameras around the interior and exterior of your business. In order for the cameras to be effective at reducing crime, you must also ensure there is good lighting inside and outside of the building. Be conscious to check light fixtures regularly to guarantee they are in working order. Instruct your employees to be conscious that all locks and window latches are secure before exiting the property. Heavy-duty deadbolt locks are essentially considered burglar-proof.

Find the Right Insurance Coverage
While there are many preventative measures you can take to hinder property damage, there will always be a possibility. Therefore, it is crucial to enroll in a comprehensive business insurance policy that can alleviate some of the financial stress of repairing or replacing damaged equipment or property. Learn more about what we can do to make sure that your business is protected by talking to a TCE Insurance professional.