How to Prevent Workplace Injuries

Many accidents can happen at a construction site, so protecting your team is extremely important. We’ve rounded up some of the most actionable tips to prevent workplace accidents and injuries from occurring under your watch.

Conduct a Risk Assessment
Before breaking any ground on a project, your construction site should be fully inspected for all of the potential risk. A thorough risk assessment can save money, but most importantly, it can save lives. Recognizing the on-site hazards before going live on a project gives you the opportunity to create a safety plan and brief your workers on it.

Hold Regular Safety Meetings
Once your workers are properly briefed on a construction site, regular safety meetings should be held to maintain a strict level of safety. Conducting safety meetings creates accountability and awareness about the ongoing dangers that exist on the job. It is crucial to ensure that all employees receive the most current information and instruction regarding the project at hand.

Service Equipment Regularly
Owning heavy construction equipment is not a one-time investment. The machinery commonly used on construction sites require routine maintenance to not only operate efficiently, but safely. Neglecting to thoroughly check your machines can result in potentially dangerous malfunctions. How you care for your equipment is just as important as how you operate it.

Maintain a Clean Workspace
Keeping work areas and walkways clear of debris can significantly reduce the chance of workplace accidents. Employees should be mindful of the tools and materials in use and promptly return them once they are finished with a job. It is also important to responsibly manage and dispose of the waste produced from your construction site.

We hope these preventative measures help you with your next construction project. If you don’t feel confident that your company is in a position to handle risk, contact a TCE agent. We have significant experience in risk calculation and program development designed to protect your business.