How Property Insurance Is Important


When you own a home, it is important to do everything you can to protect your investment. This means doing routine maintenance when it is required and making repairs as quickly as possible to prevent issues from getting worse. Protecting your investment also means having the right type of insurance and understanding how insurance can help your family. Property insurance is a big part of protecting your home from the unknown and in making sure that your property and your family are protected in a variety of circumstances.

What is Property Insurance?

Property insurance protects your home and associated property (including additional structures) from various natural and man-made problems that can damage the home and even cause you to lose use of your home for a period of time. Included in property insurance can be the costs of accommodations should your home be destroyed and your family have no place to go, the costs of rebuilding your home, and the costs of replacing possessions that are lost or stolen.

What Does Property Insurance Protect Against?

The coverage offered through a property insurance policy can vary from company to company. But there are certain standard types of coverage you get with basic policies offered in each state. For example, damage due to fire is normally part of standard policies throughout the country. Losses due to theft, vandalism, hurricanes, and some other natural events are covered. If a tree falls on your house from your backyard, then you are covered.

Why is Property Insurance Important?

Property insurance will replace damage to your home that you might not be able to financially replace yourself. Instead of your home remaining damaged for months while you work out a solution, your property insurance will make sure that the damage is taken care of immediately. Not only does this allow you to move back into your home quicker, it also prevents more damage from occurring.

Property insurance can also help with other expenses when your home is damaged. Some companies offer a daily spending amount you can use if you have to live in a hotel or elsewhere while your home is being repaired, and some companies will even pay for the hotel accommodations for you for a short period of time.

A Quick Word About Property Insurance

You should discuss your property insurance policy with your agent to make sure that it covers everything you need it to cover. For example, flood insurance is normally not part of property insurance and needs to be added as a rider. Talk to your agent about what your property insurance policy covers and then be sure to add whatever insurance is missing.

Our experts can help you to choose the right type of property insurance coverage to protect your home and your investment. When your home is still being funded by a lender, you will need to have property insurance in effect. But even when your home is paid off, it is still important to have the right coverage in place at all times.