Hazardous Waste Mistakes

Managing hazardous waste material is a job that comes with extreme danger and responsibility. Here are 3 common mistakes your business can avoid with the right preparation and diligence.

1. Improper Labeling
Labeling containers is an important part of hazardous waste protocol that notifies people in a concise, clear way about it’s potential danger. It will also describe the type and amount of it’s contained waste. Failing to properly label containers holding hazardous materials may result in fines against your business or the endangerment of any person who comes into contact with that waste. Be accurate and consistent when labeling hazardous waste storage containers to prevent unnecessary tragedies.

2. Illegal Disposal
Despite being against the law, many companies still participate in dangerous methods of dumping hazardous materials on a regular basis. Improper disposal of hazardous waste can include pouring them onto the ground or down into sewer systems, both of which can be extremely dangerous to the environment and human health. There are no instances where improper disposal of hazardous waste is acceptable. Prior planning and professional discretion is required before the use of hazardous materials should ever be considered.

3. Improper Storage
Hazardous waste storage containers must be in good condition in order to accommodate its contents. If at any point the container begins to deteriorate or leak, the wastes should be carefully transferred to a new, hazard-safe one. When dealing with waste storage containers, always ensure that the lid is properly closed. If the seal of the lid is not airtight, the volume of the waste will evaporate into the air, potentially leading to dangerous outcomes. In order to maintain RCRA hazardous waste compliance, you must perform weekly storage area inspections to ensure your employees are following through with the proper precautions.

Have you made any of these mistakes in the past? If you have, or need assistance assessing your current risk management systems, we can assist you. Our team has the experience and resources necessary to provide you with the highest level of service. We can come to your location and take an active role in your business that insurance companies usually do not take. Contact us today to get started.