Getting The Right Transfer Station Insurance For Your Business

Running a transfer station can be a difficult job because you rely a great deal on other businesses to be responsible for what they do. Most transfer stations have insurance requirements their customers must meet before those customers can start dropping off loads. At a transfer station, waste is temporarily stored until it is hauled away to a more specific location. Even though you make your customers keep the proper insurance, you still need to protect yourself from the financial problems that can occur in your specialized line of work.

In order to get the insurance your transfer station requires, you need to work with a risk assessment company that has specific experience in your industry. We have business consultants who have worked with transfer stations for years, and we can put together a plan that will protect your business under a wide variety of circumstances.

The Challenges A Transfer Station Faces

Two of the more prevailing challenges for a transfer station are government waste handling regulations, and property requirements. If you do not maintain your property in accordance with state and federal laws, then you could be facing stiff penalties and fines. You could also be liable for any violations on your property when government regulations change.

Our experts understand that your transfer station business faces a lot of challenges. Not only do you have environmental and property issues to consider, but you have employee health issues and potential liability problems stemming from accidents on-site that can also create financial struggles. Our experts know how to analyze your business and put a plan in place that will help you to meet those challenges and keep your business going.

Proper Risk Assessment

We are professionals who are able to assess all of the levels of risk your transfer station faces, and create insurance protection that will see you through those difficult times. Your worker’s compensation and general liability needs are extremely important, and we will make sure that you get the coverage you need in both areas, without paying more than you should.

If you have been working in the transfer station industry for a while, then you understand the challenges that come with protecting your vehicles and your property. It can be confusing to sort out liability when a customer’s vehicle is involved in an accident on your property, especially if that accident involves one of your own trucks. But our experts will put the right coverage in place to make sure that your company is protected in any situation.

Downtime Does Not Have To Mean Loss Of Revenue

If your company gets shut down due to pollution violations, then you will be losing money for every day you are not operating. Along with the proper pollution regulation insurance, we will also put together a plan that will protect your business from lost revenue due to any circumstances. Instead of worrying about how you will pay your employees when your company gets shut down, you can focus on fixing the problem and get back up and running quickly.

Transfer station owners and managers should never get business advice from general insurance practitioners. We have specific experience in the transfer station industry, and we will give you the right advice and properly assess all of your risk to help protect your business.