Get The Sanitation Insurance You Need For Your Business

The average citizen does not understand how limited municipalities are when it comes to sanitation services. That is why large apartment complexes, industrial facilities and other large organizations often look to private sanitation companies for the right types of services. Private sanitation companies can offer portable and permanent services, and they have special business needs that must be attended to by insurance experts.

Our business professionals have extensive experience in helping sanitation companies to develop the risk protection plans they need to avoid financial disaster. Private sanitation companies are constantly dealing with the difficulties involved in finding new clients, work stoppages from disgruntled employees and equipment issues that can lead to expensive pollution clean-up projects. We can help by putting together a business plan that protects your sanitation company from the financial hazards of doing business in a competitive industry.

Liability Insurance

We use a combination of general business and umbrella liability coverage plans to make sure that your company can handle the unexpected obstacles that sometimes occur. Whether you need property damage protection or your company finds itself on the wrong end of a lawsuit, we will put together plans that give you the coverage you need in a variety of business instances.

Auto Pollution Clean-Up Insurance

If part of your sanitation business involves mobile sanitation services, then you will need a strong auto pollution clean-up insurance policy to protect your business. Sanitation vehicles create a unique challenge to clean-up crews when they get involved in accidents on public roads. Along with the standard clean-up of fuel and other liquids, there is the added cost of managing the waste that the vehicle was carrying.

If your sanitation company does not carry the right kind of auto pollution clean-up insurance, then you could be one road incident away from going out of business. Let our experts look over your current insurance situation and put together a plan that protects your business the right way.

Cargo Insurance

If you try to imagine performing your portable sanitation jobs without your porta-johns and other equipment, then you can start to see the importance of cargo insurance. With this type of insurance in place, you can replace any equipment that is damaged while in transit and keep your business functioning.

Worker’s Compensation

Working in the sanitation industry, whether it is mobile sanitation or contract work, is a very dangerous occupation. In order to protect your business and your employees, you need to have the right kind of worker’s compensation insurance in place. We can examine your worker’s compensation coverage and make sure that you have the kind of coverage that will protect your workers and your company in the event of an on-site job accident.

Our professional business consultants will also discuss coverage such as employment practices, crime, business insurance and off-premises protection with you to make sure that your business is always protected. When you work in the sanitation industry, you are doing a job that most people associate with their local municipality. But when a business challenge occurs, it is your company that has to answer the call and make sure that you are able to provide services to the customers who rely on you.

Contact our business experts today and we will make sure that your sanitation company has the risk protection coverage it needs to meet any challenge. Our professionals will put together a plan that will allow you to provide your vital services with peace of mind.