Essential Truck Maintenance Tips

Owning and operating a trucking business comes with considerable risk, including the wear and tear that takes place on parts and equipment during a delivery. To combat or prevent these damages, we recommend trying these essential maintenance tips to keep your truck on the road longer.

Fluid Levels
Every truck driver should know that taking the time to inspect or change your oil prior to beginning a trip is essential. High-powered vehicles like fleet trucks require a substantial amount of oil in order to keep their parts lubricated and in working order. In addition to oil, you should also be aware of engine coolant, power steering fluid, washer fluid, and brake fluid levels before departure.

Brake Service
You do not want to have it come as a surprise that there is an issue with your brakes. Working, reliable brakes are important for any vehicle, but especially for trucks responsible for hauling tons of product cross-country. Do not wait for a warning to have your brakes checked. Have it done often by a mechanic you trust, and immediately if you feel any vibrations or hear a squealing sound.

Tire Pressure
In addition to working brakes, maintaining an accurate tire pressure will help increase the longevity and efficiency of your tires. PSI requirements vary for each model, so be sure to adhere to the requirements stated in your manual. Proper tire maintenance can help save money on repairs as well as fuel.

Get Inspected
An annual inspection for your truck is just as important as your own yearly physical with your doctor. Leave it to an expert to fully analyze your truck, as it is important to catch any issues early on. Even if your truck seems to be functioning properly, an inspection is a critical part of maintaining your vehicle and preventing accidents.

Putting time and effort into upkeep results in many more years of functionality. Truck maintenance is just one of the many risk management solutions for your transportation business. Contact TCE to learn more about how our trucking insurance solutions can help your business succeed