Electrician Insurance

Electrician Insurance New York

It takes many years to go from having aspirations of being an electrician to actually becoming a licensed professional.

We respect and appreciate the work that goes into embarking on becoming an electrician, and we certainly have a great respect for the professionals who start their own electrician contractor businesses. Electricians have a wide variety of insurance needs to be concerned with, but one of the primary needs is protecting your employees.

Along with employee protection, an electrician has to be concerned with:

  • Client property damage
  • Hiring certified and licensed employees
  • Meeting client expectations
  • Adhering to local building and safety codes

What would your business do if you were temporarily shut down by a government safety agency? Would you be able to wait out the results of an investigation and pay the fines, or would your company go under? We understand all of those challenges and our business constultants have the kind of resources necessary to make sure that your business is safe.

We will look at your entire operation and recommend the best employee health and disability insurance options available. Our experts will catalog your company equipment with you and determine a proper liability protection limit. We will also be able to negotiate the insurance coverage you will need for each project, because you know that you cannot step foot onto a job site without the proper insurance.

An electrical contractor is constantly taking an inventory of his equipment and materials. On long-term jobs, materials are at risk for being stolen or damaged, and that creates a loss for your company. When we get involved with your electrician firm, we will act as your risk assessment and insurance department. It is a full-time job and we have the expert staff to make sure that your company gets the attention it needs.

If you are not working with one of our business consulting experts on your electrician contractor needs, then call us immediately. When your company goes to a work site, you need to make sure that your risk assessment and insurance needs are fully met. Our experts will take the time to put together the programs you need to complete your work with peace of mind and the kind of financial protection necessary to keep your profitable and operational for years.