Cranes And The Changing Face Of Risk In New York City

In February 2016, a large crane collapsed and killed one person on a construction site in New York City. As risk experts, we keep track of all of the latest news as it pertains to construction accidents, and New York City’s construction industry is changing rapidly thanks to accidents such as this one.

New York City has seen a rapid rise in residential and commercial construction over the past few years, and the growing number of non-union contractors has had a hand in raising the number of injuries and deaths due to construction projects. What do New York City contractors need to be aware of when it comes to changing safety laws, and what can New York City contractors do to make their jobsites safer?

Know The New Crane Laws

In the light of the February 2016 incident, the city of New York altered the crane laws to mandate that cranes working in the city had to be rated for at least 20 MPH winds, or else those cranes would have to be lowered each time the wind gusted above 20 MPH. Today’s cranes come equipped with wind speed monitors, and your operators need to keep an eye on wind speeds to make sure that your company is not violating any laws.

The crane laws in New York City are in a state of change right now. As risk experts, we keep a close eye on these changes and alert our customers to any new laws that will affect their businesses. We also encourage our customers to keep up on crane law news themselves, and contact us with any questions.

Remember Pedestrians

Most cities have laws on how construction companies must protect pedestrians that pass by the jobsite. These laws include fencing requirements and a maximum distance that pedestrians must be kept from the jobsite.

While we always recommend that our customers follow local safety laws, we also encourage our customers to go above and beyond to protect innocent passers-by in the event that equipment fails. If you have extra room you can give to pedestrians to more space between them and your equipment, then give that room to the people on the streets. Always take extra safety steps to protect pedestrians when you are setting up your website.

Update Your Equipment

Many of the new crane laws New York City is considering would require all contractors who work in the city to have the latest cranes that are equipped with specific types of equipment. Once again, it pays to be ahead of the curve, and your company should considering updating its equipment without any prodding from the law.

When you invest in new and safer equipment, then we can help you to get better insurance rates. New equipment is going to enhance productivity, which is also going to add to your bottom line. Investing in new equipment is not just smart for safety reasons, it also makes good financial sense as well.

Many cities are experiencing construction growth that rivals the growth in New York City. Accidents can happen on busy construction sites, but you can limit the financial damage from those accidents by taking the proper precautions. Let our experts show you how to invest in the right equipment to make your company safer, and add to your company’s bottom line.