What If I Cannot Afford Insurance?

One of the questions we hear most often from our clients deals with the cost of having insurance. We understand contractors and we appreciate their need to have something tangible in their hands to give that satisfaction of spending money. When a contractor buys a new bulldozer, the reward is easy to see when the bulldozer arrives on the jobsite. Insurance does not offer the same feeling of tangible satisfaction, but our risk experts know how to help you get your money’s worth from every policy we write.

Equipment Breakdowns

What would you do if that new bulldozer went to work and suddenly broke down two days later? The costs of renting a bulldozer can be expensive, and it could take days for repairs to be completed.

The breakdown of equipment is a risk our experts have been trained to identify and cover. We will help you keep going if your equipment breaks down, if your job trailer is destroyed, or if there is anything that occurs to keep you from making money. Any contractor knows how often equipment breaks down, which will help you to appreciate how valuable this type of coverage can be.

Job Shutdowns

You get two weeks into a job when you are suddenly shut down for not having the proper hazardous waste certificates. As business professionals, we understand how disruptions in production can affect revenue. That is why we evaluate your job operations and make recommendations on insurance that will help compensate for losses during unexpected job shutdowns.

Your Trucks Get Taken Off The Road

It might be a bit of a stretch, but any contractor who owns a fleet of trucks knows how important it is to keep the wheels rolling. We are experts in making sure that your have all of the coverage you need for your big, industrial vehicles. If a truck breaks down, we will help you to get it back on the road. Our experts will make sure that your fleet has all of the coverage it needs to keep your business going.

Something Threatens To Put You Out Of Business

In contracting, anything can happen. You could have a worker injured on a job who decides to sue your company for their injuries. There could be a job owner who feels that you did not abide by the project guidelines and now you are being sued for the costs of the project and costs to have someone else do the job over again. If these things have not happened to your business yet, then consider yourself lucky. But if you have been through this, then you understand the importance of having coverage that will keep your business going through even the worst situations.

Our experts are not visiting your business to sell you some insurance. Our goal is to protect you from the risks your company faces, and prevent those risks from doing significant financial harm to your company. We have professionals with years of experience in making sure that your business and your employees are covered for every situation. One bad accident could close your business if you are not protected, and we are here to make sure that you stay in business for as long as possible.