The Benefits Of Focusing On Safety

When we work with a new client, the first thing we do is discuss their position on safety. Is there a safety policy in place? Does the company do regular safety training sessions and site inspections? As risk experts, it is our job to identify areas of risk and protect our clients from loss. But as business experts, we also know that there are several good reasons for construction companies to focus on safety, aside from reducing risk.

Make More Profit

We can evaluate your business and get you the right types of protection to make sure that your company is able to withstand the kind of financial hit that comes from accidents. But we can get you lower premiums on that protection if you focus on improving your safety policies.

A focus on safety puts profits into your company’s bank account by lowering the costs of doing business all around. We can do more for your business in terms of getting a better return on your insurance investments if you work hard on reducing the number of accidents you have.

Hire Better Workers

Contrary to popular belief, construction workers do not believe that accidents come with the industry. If you own a business that has a reputation for skimping on safety costs, then you will have a hard time finding good workers for your projects.

The more qualified your crew is, the more efficiently you will get the work done. Not only does an efficient crew save you money, but it also gives you an advantage when it comes to hiring good workers. If you want to beat the competition, then you need to have the right workers to do jobs the way they are supposed to be done.

Lower Equipment Costs

Many of the accidents we cover for our clients involve construction vehicles or large pieces of equipment. In many cases, we find out that a focus on safety could have prevented the accident from happening in the first place.

When you add up the costs you incur for repairing and replacing equipment due to accidents, it becomes very obvious why safety should be high on your list. If you can reduce your equipment operational costs to just routine maintenance, then you will see a lot more profit on your bottom line.

Get More Work

Job owners always reserve the right to choose the contractors who work for them, and an experienced contractor knows that not every job is awarded based on price. You may have the lowest bid in for a project, but a bad safety record could mean that you get passed over for doing the work. You can increase your chances of getting the higher profile jobs by making sure that your safety policies and record are as impressive as possible.

One of the misconceptions about risk mitigation work is that it is all a contractor needs to be shielded from the costs of doing business. The truth is that our customers have a lot more say in how much money they make than we do.

Whether your company focuses on safety or not, our experts can put together a plan that protects you from financial disaster. But if you do focus on safety, then you will reap many more financial rewards than the contractor who tries to cut costs by allowing safety to fall by the wayside.