Five Steps To Creating A Safer Job Site


When a construction company sets up a new work site, there are several legal and procedural things that must be done before work can begin. The proper paperwork has to be signed, labor law posters must be put up, and the right supervisory staff must be put in place to ensure that the project is done on time and at or under budget.

Along with the standard protocols that every construction company must go through with every new job site, there should also be steps taken to create a safer work area. With just five simple steps, your company can make your work site a safer place to work and cut down on accidents.

Select The Right Employees

If the project requires working on a tall roof, then be sure to choose employees who have experience working in those conditions. When you put workers into unfamiliar situations, then you are risking their safety. Creating a safe job site starts with making sure that you have workers on the job who know how to the job done safely.

Have A Mandatory Safety Training

It is up to the company safety officer to make sure that all of the job safety rules are updated, but it is up to the job supervisor to make sure that all workers know the safety rules and understand how to use them. Before work even begins, you should have a mandatory work safety training session that updates the workers on the safety rules, and then makes sure that everyone knows how to create a safe work environment.

Make Each Employee Accountable

On a job site, safety is everyone’s job. You need to create a system that allows employees to report safety violations, and then reward work crews that create safe work environments. You can create a program where every person on a crew that works for a full month without a safety violation can get a paid half-day off. When you get employees accountable for safety and get them involved in monitoring job site activities, then you are going to reduce the amount of accidents that occur.

Designate Safety Officers

Prior to the start of each job, you should designate at least two employees to act as safety officers for the job site. The safety officers will be responsible for making sure that the OSHA and company safety rules are followed, and they will also act as the contact points for employees with safety questions or concerns. Some companies have full-time work site safety officers, which is a good idea for larger projects.

Do Regular Inspections

Before the job begins, a safety officer from the company should inspect the job site to make sure that everything is in order. To keep the site safe throughout the course of the job, these inspections should take place at random times and by a variety of safety officers. Regular safety inspections by the company can help to identify any issues that could be costly if there were to be a full OSHA inspection.

A safe job site is one where employees can work without fear of injury. A safe job site is also going to increase productivity, and put more money on the company’s bottom line. Every job should focus on safety, and every company should make safety a priority.