5 Things Business Owners Should Never Delegate


As a business owner, you can get more things done if you delegate responsibilities to competent people on your staff. But even if you have absolute trust in everyone who works for you, there are still certain tasks that you should never delegate. At the end of the day, everything your company does has your name on it and there are just some activities that you should see to yourself.

Staff Hiring And Firing

One of the ways to ensure that you have a reliable staff is to make sure that you do the hiring and firing yourself. There might be some employees who do not appreciate the work others do, but that work fits your vision for the company and that is why those employees are critical. Your employees truly are your greatest corporate asset, and you should never allow anyone else to make your hiring and firing decisions.

Employee Discipline

Once again, the handling of employees is something a small business owner should handle directly because of the immediate impact those decisions have on the entire business. The proper use of discipline sends a message to any other employees looking to cause trouble, and you want your employees to know that the message will be consistent because you are the only one involved in delivering it.

Change Management

Larger corporations have teams of experts in charge of change management because of the monumental effect change has on the company and its customers. Change in a company is also part of the company’s vision, and a business owner should never delegate any part of their company vision to anyone.

Employee Morale

Praise from an immediate supervisor can be effective, but every employee in a small company will want to know what the owner thinks. If you want praise and recognition to have a significant effect on morale, then it needs to come directly from you. Even if you have a system in place that standardizes the way praise is handed out, it will still have a significant effect if it always comes from the owner of the company.

Eliminating, Adding, or Reorganizing Departments

You should not only be involved in every significant structural change in your company, but you should be in charge of them. Reorganizing any part of your company is going to significantly affect the entire organization. If you want the company to still be in line with your vision, then you need to be the one who takes charge and make those significant changes.

Delegating tasks to members of your staff makes it easier to focus on the big picture for your business. But if you want the changes to your business to keep your business pointed in the right direction, then you have to be the one who takes charge of those specific tasks. There are some activities you should never trust to your employees, and it is more out of a need for consistency of your vision than anything else.