3 Reasons Your Company Needs Transportation Insurance

transportation insuranceApproximately 15.5 million trucks travel United States roads every day. Whether a truck represents local haulers, a paving contractor, or a demolition contractor, no one in the transportation industry can afford to go without transportation insurance. Commercial insurance isn’t just for one business; it can protect drivers, trucks, and even cargo. Here are three reasons to prioritize transportation insurance for your business:

Driver Coverage

No trucking industry can operate without drivers. Those drivers depend on their employer for health insurance, worker’s compensation, and occupational hazard coverage if something should happen while they’re out on the road. Transporation insurance is tailored to the needs of the transportation industry, from limos to local trucking.

Cover Your Cargo

Depending on the cargo you’re hauling, you want to make sure your company is covered if the worst should happen. Transportation insurance doesn’t just protect your cargo from damage on the road; it also protects you in the event of theft or if there’s unforeseen equipment failure. Transportation insurance can also help with liability coverage or loss of revenue if there’s an accident. Transporation insurance agents can also work as risk assessment managers, helping your company weigh the benefits and risks so that the outcomes work in favor of your business.

Cover Your Trucks

Your rigs are what keep your business running from dawn ’til dusk. If one of your vehicles is damaged because of theft, natural causes, or an accident, you want to make sure that you can afford to get a new rig as quickly as possible and get your business back on the road. In addition to providing quality coverage against damage, a transportation insurance agency can help you with DOT regulations and make sure that you’re up-to-date on all necessary compliance paperwork.

With the right transportation insurance agency, you can be sure that your business is covered against complications that can arise in the transportation services industry. You need a partner who’s by your side 24/7 to keep your trucks on the road and your company free from risk. Call us today to request a quote and see which of our insurance programs is right for you.